How we got started...

There's no doubt about it, vinyl's pretty hip right now. And yes, on occasion, it comes with a dose of snobbery too. But we don't care about fads. 

We started Stylus because our own experience of music had become stale. Our favourite songs and records were little more than the background noise in the chaos of everyday life. Not good. 

So, we started to collect records again. And it felt good.

We revisited classic albums and made a thing out of listening to music again. We tried matching wines to each record and even planned evenings around them – just like you would for a good movie. And guess what? 

Listening to music became an experience again.

We were certain others had similar experiences with music, so that's why we started Stylus. Each of our boxes celebrates memorable music through art, journalism and – importantly – good quality beer and wine. 

Get involved and experience music again.