The vinyl...

We’re convinced that the records we choose are some of the most essential, genre defining albums of the last fifty years.

Working with major labels like Warner Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music and Music on Vinyl, we’ve got access to music history’s most classic albums.

Our members receive music that spans the decades, from artists like The Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Marvin Gaye, through to The Smiths, Nirvana and Amy Winehouse.

The wine...

To make sure the wine lives up to the records, we’ve recruited the combined vinous brains of the Great Western Wine team and leading wine expert Angela Mount. We’ve also brought in the expertise of Tristan Darby who runs The Great Wine School

This merry band of wine lovers advise us on what to pair with each album, while telling us the stories behind each wine selected. Our members get to hear these stories too, in the Stylus magazine that accompanies each month's pairing.

Great Western Wine is one of the UK's leading wine merchants and recently won South West Wine Merchant of the Year at the renowned International Wine Challenge. The third time its achieved the feat in four years.

The artwork...

Record sleeves used to include artwork and cool lyric sheets. Unfortunately, the newer pressing rarely do.

So we've decided to commission a different artist/illustrator each month to create a 12x12" piece of art to go with each month's record. Frame it, if you want?

The magazine...

Interviews with musicians, producers, journalists, biographers, winemakers, sommeliers - our magazine's filled with them.

Not only that, we include tasting notes for each month's wine and, what we call, listening notes, for each month's chosen album. There'll also be features and lovely pictures!