How it works

Stylus is a record club, featuring a new, curated selection of

albums on 12" vinyl every month. 

Whether you order from our shop, or subscribe, your next

box will always arrive at the beginning of the following month. 

After purchase, you'll get access to our monthly playlist and once

your items ship, you'll also receive exclusive access to our magazine.

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Stylus Choice

Get two albums on 12" vinyl, chosen by us from the month's curated selection of records. Each compliments the other, while you'll also receive a link to the month's magazine and regular playlists. 

Stylus Experience

You get a memorable album on 12" vinyl and a bottle of wine, chosen by us from our curated selection, every month. You'll also get access to our online magazine and receive regular playlists.


On the first of each month, we'll fill this with 16 new records, all chosen for the month's given theme. We'll also handpick a selection of wines for you to choose from too (we're WSET trained, it's cool).