May, 2018:

Pomp and Ceremony

Fancy giving us a try? More about this month's theme below...

Royal or republican, things are going to be very British in May. There's a wedding and everything. So, sentiments about the overlords aside, we're having our own party: a celebration of British music. 

The album choices for this month's Stylus box showcase three great bands from Blighty. And, if that's not enough, we've got a Grammy Award-winning British artist involved, and sparkling wine too!

How very British. 


-> A choice from three big British albums on 12" vinyl (or a wildcard choice, selected by us): 

1. Queen, A Night at the Opera


2. The Who, Who's Next


3. Muse, Absolution

-> A 12" x 12" sleeve print, created by Grammy Award-winning artist Kosh (You'll know his work: Abbey Road, Hotel California, Who's Next – all album covers he designed/shot)

-> The monthly Stylus magazine, with listening notes, interviews and more

-> And finally, if you're a Stylus Experience member, you will get to choose from sparkling wine, red wine and a citrusy and tangy IPA from south west London