What is Stylus?

A record club that celebrates the magic of the album experience.

Featuring a new theme each month, from which we curate a selection of albums on 12" vinyl.

From this selection, we send you albums that best fit your preferences.

We're also into wine. We select a few, so you can make a night of it (Stylus Experience).

All customers also get access to exclusive playlists, interviews and more. 

Subscribe now and start your listening experience. 



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How do you feel about us sending you a new vinyl pairing each month? Or how about a vinyl and wine pairing instead? 

Join one of our two new Stylus subscriptions and we'll curate a pairing for you, chosen from the month's themed options, featured in our shop. 

Oh, and we get it: music taste is subjective. If you receive something you're unhappy with, don't have a tantrum. Just drop us a message and we'll work something out. 

All subscriptions operate on a month-to-month basis, with no commitment required.  

Prices start from £40 per month. 

(PLEASE NOTE: We are not Amazon. Nobody can compete with those prices.

We compare ours with other independently owned record stores)